9/8/2017 Updated KeepVid.com Updated the performance of downloading subtitles.
8/8/2017 Added KeepVid.com Added support of multiple video streaming sites.
28/7/2017 Added YouTube.com Added the feature of obtaining YouTube video names.
14/7/2017 Added KeepVid.com Added Facebook Like and Share button on homepage.
23/6/2017 Fixed KeepVid.com Fixed the problem of downloading subtitles.
5/6/2017 Updated KeepVid.com Changed Chinese, Italian, German webpages to new versions.
2/5/2017 Updated KeepVid.com Updated to the new version.
6/2/2017 FIXED SoundCloud fixed the problem of failing to analyze SoundCloud Music URL.
6/2/2017 SUPPORT 123Movies.to Start to support 123Movies.
1/2/2017 FIXED YouTube.com Fixed the problem of failing to analyze YouTube video URL.
16/12/2016 SUPPORT Instagram.com Support to download Instagram with One Click.
8/12/2016 ADDED KeepVid.com Added a notification center at the right side of homepage.
8/12/2016 FIXED facebook.com Fixed the problem of failing to anaylze Facebook Video URL.
8/12/2016 UNLEASHED KeepVid.com Unleashed the limiations of downloadable video sites.
8/12/2016 CUSTOMIZED SoundCloud.com Customized the Download button for SoundCloud.com.
6/12/2016 RELEASED KeepVid Android Released the webpage for KeepVid Android.
2/12/2016 OPTIMIZED YouTube.com Optimized the downloading list for downloading YouTube videos.

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